Paris doesn't really do breakfast

It's just about the only food complaint I could possibly have, living here: Paris as a city just does not comprehend breakfast. There are a few restaurants that serve a decent real breakfast, notably Holybelly, Hardware Société, and Breakfast in America, but as their names and pages reveal they're all expat joints full of Yanks, Tommies, and Aussies.

So, since one does not wish to eat out every morning, one is forced to make breakfast at home. An easy one I just did today was breakfast tacos.

Two breakfast tacos

I was aiming for something like the mini-burritos you can get at Anita's in the DC suburbs, and I got pretty close (minus the potatoes).

Today I made sausage tacos, which presents special challenges in Paris. Jimmy Dean's is not available here, nor anything like it. But you can get ground pork sausage (just slightly salted and sweetened) at most grocery stores and butchers. So I added to this some paprika, mustard powder, sage, oregano, and a little bit of maple syrup, and kneaded it all in. Then I crumbled the sausage onto a frying pan on medium and browned it off.

Meanwhile, I made Heston Blumenthal's scrambled eggs with the addition of some shredded "Mexican style" cheese towards the end.

These two things accomplished, spoon out the eggs and then the sausage over flour tortillas, add some salsa if you want, and roll up.