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Lockdown assiette

2020-03-17 08:30:00+01:00 by Weldon Goree in Home Cooking

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It's starting to get real

So we've mostly been kind of floating by through the plague panic in our part of town. Neuilly is a very rich, very old suburb and the stores have been well-stocked. Until yesterday.

We wanted to do a cheese and sausage plate with some bread, but when I went to the bakery it was stripped bare with a line out the door and the cashier had a hunted look in her eyes, so I moved on. Instead we did the Atkins assiette.

A cheese and sausage plate

That's comté, brie, and a saucisson sec with green peppers.

Know your cheeses

Since we're here, a bit about the cheeses.

Comté is an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese from eastern France. It is the yellowish one on the top. It is made in large wheels from which slices like this one are cut out, like a pie. The rind is a kind of dry mold that you generally do not eat.

Brie is an unpasteurized cow's milk soft cheese made in northeastern France. Its rind is a soft white mold that is generally eaten with the cheese. As it ripens the pâte (that's the part of a cheese inside the rind) gets darker and more and more pungent: there is a stage where it is called "black brie" and eaten with coffee, and then after that the ammonia flavor gets too strong to eat it.

We didn't let this piece of brie sit out long enough, so any fromagophiles reading this are tut-tutting in dismay. Brie should be eaten at room temperature, at which point the pâte is almost spilling out of the slice.

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